11 Jan 2011
We are happy to announce that we have started working on Darryl Torr's new recording studio. We plan to have it completed by the end of February. This is a really exciting project & we look forward to sharing our progress with you as we work on the project!

Latest Product

Latest Project

We have just completed the move of Acceleration to their new offices. This included Audio & Projectors for their boardroom and the Audio & Video for their 8 meeting rooms. We also consulted on the acoustics required in their meeting rooms.

Our other latest project that we have completed is the upgrade to the Audio system and installation of Projectors and Video Monitors at the NG Kerk, Welgemoed.


Welcome to True Sound Acoustics

Your sound is only as good as the acoustics in your room!

After 8 years and over 400 different audio visual and acoustic installs, we are the experts at helping you achieve total sound control.

True Sound Acoustics started eight years ago as an Installations company, focusing on Public Address, Club and Live sound, as well as Data Projector and Lighting Installations. Over three hundred sound installations have been completed successfully since it's initiation, with Church Upgrades being the bulk of this.

With the company director's strong roots in the Music Industry in Cape Town, and the global trend moving toward more affordable Recording Spaces, the focal point widened to include the construction of Recording Studios. Upon further investigation True Sound Acoustics discovered that another gap in the Industry became quite evident; the need for affordable acoustical treatment. There was only one product which could saturate this requirement, Auralex Acoustics.w be designed, built and treated, measured and calibrated by True Sound Acoustics staff making it a turnkey solution to any Audio and/or Visual consideration.